The Morrow Project

M998 Series

HMMWV Ambulance

By Chris Van Deelen

Edited by David Little

This vehicle description was originally part of Chris' adventure Eyeburn.

HMMWV Ambulance

Crew: 1 driver, 1 medic, two passengers sitting and two on a stretcher ( four if using Maxi-Ambulance).
Length: 4.57m
Width: 2.15m
Height: 1.75m
Ground clearance: 0.37m
Turning radius: 7.0m
Max. road speed: 112km/hr
Fording depth: 1m
Gradient: 60%
Vertical obstacle: 0.5m
Trench: 0.25m
Armor class: 60 (XX for M996/M997 Armored versions)
Armament: none
Ammunition: none

Morrow Project equipment is per standard vehicle load + autonav. These versions also have two or four stretchers, a full medical Kit (as per PG 27 of TM 1-1 and one drug kit as listed described in Gary Gore's list. This includes lots of medical equipment that you might find in an standard ambulance such as defibrillators, IV drips, etc.